We're a New York City-based small business with a focus on sustainability.

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Introducing our sustainable soy wax candle, a handcrafted piece of art that combines elegance and sustainability in one. This candle comes with a unique twist - a real crystal is encased inside the wax. The eco-friendly label on the candle doubles as a plantable seed paper, which can be planted in the candle vessel once the wax is finished. As the label grows into a plant, it serves as a sustainable reminder of our connection to and reverence for nature.

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New Arrival

Introducing our latest product release - a fragrance oil that allows you to take the delightful essence of our candles with you wherever you go. Encased in a small, crystal glass bottle, it is perfectly sized to carry in your purse. Enjoy the familiar and comforting aroma of our candles in a whole new way with our new fragrance oils.