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Lazar Deco


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Hand-poured wooden wick candle, made with 100% American farmed soy wax, and luxurious fragrance oil blend.

KEY NOTES: Sandalwood, bergamot, white tea, fig.

Hidden inside the candle is a Clear Quartz Crystal known as the master healer which draws off negative energy of all kinds, enabling balance, peace and self acceptance. It’s capable of revitalizing your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual planes. It can supercharge your intentions and amplify the power of manifestation.

 Our labels embedded with Mimosa Pudica’s seeds. Famously known as the Sensitive Plant, the Mimosa pudica has long been an object of wonder and curiosity because its leaves are highly responsive to touch, folding inwards when triggered. When the candle burns out, fill the empty container with soil. Place the seed label and lightly cover with 1/2 inch of soil. Keep it moist until germination. This plant likes bright light and high humidity. Keeping it moist but not soggy is key. Also, ensure that it is planted in well-draining, loamy soil. The Sensitive Plant is completely non-toxic. This means that you can safely keep it around pets and babies.